Bridge Construction

Any bridge structure usually requires an extensive amount of construction engineering to ensure an efficient, safe and economical construction programme. In many cases, a bridge during construction, will be subject to higher loads and stresses than it will during the course of its normal working design load life. We can provide full analysis of the superstructure for the various stages of construction and work with the contractor to optimise means and methods. We provide the sequencing, step by step, along with any special temporary works to support the structure during construction. We can provide crane loads and the effect on their support whether it is on the bridge structure, on the ground or on a barge. Somerset can provide barge calculations for load distribution and the effects of barge list to ensure safe operation.

Somerset Engineering has provided our practical expertise on many large (and small) bridge structures throughout North America.

We offer our services on all types of bridges whether built in steel and/or concrete.   

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