Construction Engineering

As the “contractor’s engineer,” Somerset Engineering specializes in the technical assistance, equipment specifications and erection schemes of the construction process. By speaking the contractor’s language and assessing needs, we utilize our knowledge and expertise on many methods of construction procedures and equipment required for a multitude of structures.

We offer our clients features such as:

  • Detailed construction methods for every project
  • Bolted and welded connection designs
  • Construction sequence analysis of permanent and temporary loading
  • Design of purpose built falsework, shoring, trestle and lifting equipment
  • Engineering, fabrication and layout drawings
  • Procedures for heavy lifting and jacking with all types of cranes, derricks, barges, hoists and jacking systems
  • Recommendations on design solutions to optimize construction
  • Critical lift layouts
  • Man-hour estimates
  • On site engineering support

By calling us within the early planning stages, options and ideas can be offered to help in your selection of erection methods and assisting your construction management team in creating a successful project.