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Veterans’ Glass City Skyway Maumee River

Somerset designed an under-slung launching girder system for these precast segmental approach viaducts. The girder’s total length was 96m, consisting of a 50m main span with 23m nose and tail sections. Each girder weighed 200 tons.

Somerset designed temporary support towers in the river for the main span and designed the traveling supports for the 115 ton (capacity) derricks for the segment erection.

Somerset also provided peer review for the segmental precast concrete launching gantry de- signed in and supplied from Italy.

The stiffleg derrick for segment erection operated from a purpose design traveller designed by Somerset.

Precast Segmental Cable Stay Bridge and Approaches
Precast Launching System
Stiffleg Derrick Traveller
Shoring and Pier Brackets

Client: Fru-Construction.
Contract: $220,000,000